Why Gnarly Nerd?

Hi there!  I am Mike and I am the Head of the Nerds here at Gnarly Nerd.  Over the years I found myself looking around the net for nerd themed shirts.  There are tons out there and after buying a few over the years I constantly found myself disappointed with the products I received.  There are 2 main issues I have come across with a lot of the products out there.

First is quality.  I would place an order thinking that I was getting a great deal on some shirts, just to get them in the mail and find out that I basically overpaid for glorified undershirts.  This is why I only use High Quality shirts for all my printing.  These shirts will withstand many years of washing while maintaining their integrity.  Please see our QUALITY page for specifications on all our clothing.

The second issue I have is the graphics itself.  Being a married father of 2 there does not seem to be a lot of options out there for me.  Most of the designs gear towards cheap versions of copy-written or trademarked images that I am sure the seller has no rights to.  If I want to wear a shirt that matches my toddler's outfit I am sure to find it, but there does not seem to be anything out there that is more "grown up".

This is why I decided to launch Gnarly Nerd Clothing Co.  A brand for all ages that still shows Nerd Pride but with fashion and design in mind.

Self identified Nerds like myself grow up and now there is a brand that has grown with us.

Please take a look around our site and shop with confidence.